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The HearthPwn Class Creation Competition Returns With Trials and Errors! Announcement Regarding Recent MMO-Champion Account Deletions We have been receiving a number of support requests from users who have recently had their accounts de...
Patch 8.1 Hotfixes - January 10, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Island Expeditions Developers’ notes: Following up on recent community feedback that we req...
Activision Transferring Publishing Rights for Destiny to Bungie Bungie posted today that they are regaining publishing rights for Destiny. Destiny 2 will still receive full support on BattleNet and we do not anticipate any disruption to ...
Story and Lore Developer Live Stream Cinematic Project Director Terran Gregory and Senior Game Designer Steve Danuser sat down to discuss the story and lore of World of Warcraft! The Process The in game story is planned out months and ...

PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019

Posted Jan 10, 19
PvP Tuning - January 11, 2019 Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) We’re currently working on some targeted adjustments to three specs in PvP. We don’t have a precise...

Ruyter Madi christmas everyone!
Karnae Merry Christmas all!
Sinnical Merry Chrysler !!

Wolfie / Jonas I never sleep!
Dkdesire Wish i was there :( Great work!
Onedaylate Look at Wolfie all sad in the corner thinking where is he going to sleep tonight

Wolfie / Jonas Auto-hammer MvP
Ruyter mimz deserves a ban for that transmog, that offends about a 100 different minorities
Karnae Awesome kill, congrats everyone!

Wolfie / Jonas Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feeeeeel youuuuu...
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