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Mashuma Must do before 7.0!
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I missed some things/some...

Muttenkin One more Down - two to go :)
Wolfie / Jonas Sorry, Sinni <3

Mimic Damn I look buff, and flex :0
[GM] Kayshia Wishing everyone a good summerholiday with lots of good food, drinks, and time with friends and family :)
Sinnical FIRST

Thanks to our amazing "pug-friends" who helped us killing boss 8 in Antorus!  Good job to everyone!

Varimathras kill

Ruyter i miss 1 night.. in months of raiding.. damn it !
Muttenkin we did it :)
Mimic Awesome night of raiding <3

Marshlol Good job guys, keep it up !
Razethos Congratz Guy's
Ruyter We need a kill photo dammit!

LuNa Good Job guys!
Razethos Ahaha look at feck xD
Sinnical Winning
Uldir: 63%