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Immortality 1 year ding!

By [GM] Kayshia - Posted Oct 20, 17

Happy 1 ding to Immortality!

First year gone! To me it seems like just a few months ago Immortality was created. It has been like a rollercoaster ride, but now it seems like we got a good group of people together. Happy guild birthday to you all!

Of course, a successfull guild does not happen just like  that. A few of you have done more work for the guild than anyone can ask for.
Wolfie – recruting master
Apple – keeping it down to earth
Zenaia – Always got that cool comment, don’t think you can even get mad
Nura – stepping up a raidleader when we really needed you.
Bent – our guildbank boss, filling up the bank for the rest of us on his own expense
Thank you so much for all the work you are doing, and for stepping up when noone else would! Love you all  

Uldir: 75%
Battle of Dazar'alor: 44%
Crucible of Storms: 0%